Zahnarzt Gernot Wolff - Schönhauser Allee - Prenzlauer Berg

WELCOME TO THE DENTAL PRACTICE GERNOT WOLFF - Rodenbergstraße 1  / Schönhauser Allee 10439 Berlin



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Monday:             11:00-17:00
Tuesday:            13:00-19:00
Wednesday:      13:00-19:00
Thursday:           8:00-14:00 
Friday:                 8:00-14:00

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Zahnarzt Gernot Wolff - Schönhauser Allee - Prenzlauer Berg

Gernot Wolff
Passionate dentist, excellent listener and restless fighter for tooth preservation. With a fondness for metal, industrial, new wave and electric stuff. So the musical component is a steady source of effortless serenity. Nobody has to be afraid of the dentist here. The brilliantly mastered study of dentistry at the Berlin Charité is also worth mentioning here.

Franca Zahnreinigung - Schönhauser Allee - Prenzlauer Berg


Our loyal and faithful dental assistant, who takes patients lovingly by the hand and guides them safely to their destination. Franca confidently directs the dental cleaning department, with the most modern equipment she cleans your teeth without leaving any residue. The official representatives of the tooth-cleaning department are impressed.

Zahnarzt Gernot Wolff - Schönhauser Allee - Prenzlauer Berg

Trainee in planning

Conscious of our responsibility, we are constant promoters of outstanding young talent in the field of dental professionals. We are curious to see what delightful raw talent fate has in store for us.